Teens are turning to ‘tobacco-free’ nicotine gummies and lozenges, survey finds

By Aria Bendix, NBC News August 8 E-cigarettes aren’t the only nicotine product that has gained popularity among teens. A survey of more than 3,500 high school students in Southern California found that flavored chewing gum, lozenges, gummies […]

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posted on 08/12/2022

Study: Kids who vape tobacco are more likely to go on to use cannabis

By Erin Blakemore, The Washington Post August 8 Vaping is growing more prevalent among young people — in 2021, 1 in 9 high school students said they had vaped in the past month, according to the Centers […]

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posted on 08/11/2022

The cigarette regulation loophole that disproportionately costs Black lives

By Dr. Keith Churchwell, president of Yale New Haven Hospital for NBC News August 1, 2022 In 2009, Congress took the important step of banning flavored cigarettes that enticed youth to start smoking. However, that landmark legislation […]

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posted on 08/02/2022

Smoking, vaping increases risk of death from COVID, study finds

By Mary Kekatos, ABC News July 27, 2022 Smokers and vapers are more likely to have a severe case of COVID-19 or die of the disease, a new study finds. People who reported use of tobacco products prior […]

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posted on 07/27/2022

FDA weighs oversight changes after formula, Juul troubles

By Matthew Perrone, Yahoo News July 19 2022 WASHINGTON (AP) — The head of the Food and Drug Administration has asked for a review of the agency’s food and tobacco programs following months of criticism over […]

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posted on 07/26/2022

Reading the cards in Nevada: Smoke evaporates, profits (and health) stay (opinion)

Submitted by Christine Thompson, OPINION in This is Reno July 19, 2022 You’re likely sick of hearing about the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, but there’s one pocket of changed behavior that we shouldn’t sleep on […]

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posted on 07/20/2022

E.U. Proposes Ban on Flavored Heated Tobacco Products

By Isabella Kwai and Euan Ward, The New York Times June 29, 2022 The European Union proposed on Wednesday a ban on the sale of flavored heated tobacco products, part of a broader campaign to phase out tobacco use […]

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posted on 07/01/2022

F.D.A. Orders Juul to Stop Selling E-Cigarettes

By Matt Richtel and Andrew Jacobs, The New York Times June 23- The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday ordered Juul to stop selling e-cigarettes on the U.S. market, a profoundly damaging blow to a once-popular company whose […]

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posted on 06/23/2022

Smoking ban no longer a threat to casino revenue, report says

By Richard N. Velotta, Las Vegas Review-Journal  June 17- Two Southern Nevada gaming and tourism industry experts envision a time when Las Vegas casinos will ban smoking, but they say it won’t happen overnight. And the […]

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posted on 06/20/2022

Young adults are underestimating the dangers of nicotine

Truth Initiative June 15-Many young adults aren’t aware of the dangers of nicotine, according to new Truth Initiative research published in BMJ Open. Nearly 1 in 3 believed nicotine to be no more harmful than a […]

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posted on 06/17/2022