Risk Assessment of Exposure to E-cigarette Aerosol

In the June 2014 issue of ASHRAE Journal, Bud Offerman, an expert on indoor air published a well-done risk assessment of active and passive exposure to e-cigarette aerosol using standard methods. (ASHRAE is the American Society […]

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posted on 08/27/2014

Will Nevada Ever See Smoke-free Casinos?

Las Vegas Weekly By Steve Friess She smiles at me broadly, a queen of hearts hurtling my way, photos of happy gamblers drinking and winning as they always do in these things. But this wasn’t just any […]

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posted on 08/20/2014

E-cigarettes put up smokescreen, must be snuffed out

By Daniel M. Cook Special thanks to the Las Vegas Review Journal The Review-Journal’s June 21 editorial (“E-cigarettes and teen smoking”) concludes by asking, “If this business (e-cigarettes) is furthering the goal of reducing cigarette smoking, […]

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posted on 08/05/2014

Harm of Smokefree Strip Overstated

Las Vegas Review Journal To the editor: Howard Stutz’s article about smoking at Strip casinos cited Deutsche Bank gaming analyst Andrew Zarnett, who made a few assumptions that just don’t stand up to further scrutiny (“Ashes […]

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posted on 08/04/2014

School District Bans E-Cigarettes From Campuses

Las Vegas Sun By Paul Takahashi The Clark County School Board unanimously moved Thursday to begin banning e-cigarettes from its 357 school campuses and athletic fields. School and health officials have noticed a growing number of […]

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posted on 04/24/2014

Let’s End Smoking in Nevada Casinos

Las Vegas Sun To the Editor: A recent journal article by a senior scientist with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“Secondhand smoke and smoking restrictions in casinos: a review of the evidence,” published […]

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posted on 04/03/2014

More Evidence for Smoke-Free Casinos

To the Editor: On the heels of the Surgeon General’s report that was released in January, a senior scientist with the Centers for Disease Control has just published more research further supporting need for all indoor […]

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posted on 03/27/2014

John Packham: Funds Can Help Cut Youth Tobacco Use in Nevada

Reno Gazzette Journal Through the end of April, state health officials are giving the public an opportunity to weigh in on the best use our state’s share of tobacco settlement dollars. The on-line survey’s first question […]

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posted on 03/22/2014

CVS Tobacco Decision Bold Move

Las Vegas Review Journal To the Editor: CVS Caremark should be highly commended for its leadership in making the bold and courageous announcement last week to stop selling tobacco products at its 7,600 pharmacies, including 85 […]

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posted on 02/12/2014

John Packham: New Smoking Report Details Unfinished Business

Reno Gazette Journal Last week, the U.S. surgeon general released the latest report on smoking and health. The study details considerable gains made by our country in reducing tobacco’s deadly toll since the first Surgeon General’s […]

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posted on 02/01/2014