41 Health Groups Urge FDA to Implement Plan Limiting Nicotine in Cigarettes

Today, 41 public health, medical and other organizations sent a letter to FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb expressing strong support for the agency’s proposal to reduce the nicotine level in cigarettes to non-addictive or minimally addictive levels and urging the FDA to quickly implement its plan. The groups highlight the enormous public health potential of such a policy. By the FDA’s own estimates, the  plan would prompt about 5 million additional adult smokers to quit within one year, prevent more than 33 million people – mostly youth and young adults – from becoming regular smokers by the year 2100, and save more than 8 million lives by the end of this century.

The groups tell Gottlieb that given its enormous, life-saving benefits, timely implementation of a nicotine product standard is a “moral imperative.” They urge FDA to issue a proposed rule by September 16, 2018 (six months after the agency issued an Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking seeking public comment) and a final rule no later than six months after that (by March 16, 2019). The groups also urge the FDA to extend any nicotine standard to other combustible products in addition to cigarettes, to prevent the tobacco industry from circumventing the rule and creating new, youth-friendly products.

The deadline for initial public comment on the FDA’s proposal is June 14, 2018.

Read the letter here

Posted on 05/21/2018 in Tobacco-Free