News: E-cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products

A Lobbyist Wrote the Bill. Will the Tobacco Industry Win Its E-Cigarette Fight?

The New York Times By Eric Lipton WASHINGTON — The e-cigarette and cigar industries have enlisted high-profile lobbyists and influential congressional allies in an attempt to stop the Food and Drug Administration from retroactively examining their […]

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posted on 09/02/2016

Vaping teens more apt to move on to regular cigarettes: U.S. study

Reuters by Andrew M. Seaman Older teens who try electronic cigarettes have six times the odds of trying regular cigarettes within two years than those who never puffed on the devices, a study published on Monday […]

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posted on 06/13/2016

Tony Gwynn’s Family Sues Tobacco Companies for Wrongful Death

NBC Sports: Hardball Talk By Craig Calcaterra The widow of Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn and their two children, former major leaguer Tony Gwynn Jr. and Anisha Gwynn-Jones, have filed a wrongful death lawsuit in San Diego […]

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posted on 05/24/2016

Tobacco Control, Public Health Advocates Laud FDA’s Final Rule on Tobacco Products

Press Release Reno, Nev. (May 10, 2016) – Nevada tobacco control and public health advocates praised the federal Food and Drug Administration’s finalization of a new rule that extends its authority over tobacco products to include […]

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posted on 05/10/2016

E-cigarette Poisonings Surge In Young Children, Study Says

Associated Press By Lindsey Tanner Electronic cigarettes have sickened rising numbers of young children, a study of U.S. poison center calls has found. Most cases involve swallowing liquid nicotine. While most kids weren’t seriously harmed, one […]

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posted on 05/09/2016

FDA News Release: FDA takes significant steps to protect Americans from dangers of tobacco through new regulation

Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration finalized a rule extending its authority to all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, cigars, hookah tobacco and pipe tobacco, among others. This historic rule helps implement the bipartisan Family Smoking […]

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posted on 05/05/2016

California Raising Smoking Age to 21

The New York Times By Adam Nagourney California will become the second state in the nation to raise the smoking age to 21 and will begin regulating electronic cigarettes like other tobacco products under legislation signed […]

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posted on 05/04/2016

U.S. bans the use of electronic cigarettes on commercial flights

Reuters The U.S. Transportation Department announced on Wednesday it has banned the use of electronic cigarettes on commercial flights. The rule applies to all scheduled flights by U.S. and foreign carriers involving transportation in, to and […]

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posted on 03/02/2016

The facts behind e-cigarettes and their health risks

Consumer Reports Chances are good that you’ve seen people “smoking” e-cigarettes: inhaling from cigarette-shaped devices, then puffing out clouds of odorless fog. E-cigarettes, also known as e-cigs or electronic nicotine delivery systems, have been on the […]

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posted on 02/22/2016

Study shows teens using e-cigarettes could move on to smoking tobacco

Reuters (re-printed in the Las Vegas Review-Journal) By Lisa Rapaport Teens who try electronic cigarettes may be more than twice as likely to progress to traditional cigarettes as their peers who haven’t used the devices, a […]

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posted on 01/27/2016