Coalition Priorities

During 2018, the Nevada Tobacco Prevention Coalition will pursue the following strategic objectives:

  • Promote the expansion of tobacco-free workplaces and outdoor public spaces in Nevada.
  • Address legislative, regulatory, public health and health issues related to the use of electronic cigarettes and other vapor products, including electronic delivery devices.
  • Promote “Tobacco 21,” to raise the minimum legal age for the purchase and consumption of tobacco and electronic cigarette and other vapor products to 21 years.
  • Promote increased taxation of all tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes and other vapor products, their delivery devices, components and accessories, to help reduce use, generate funding for tobacco control programs, and achieve tax parity across tobacco product lines.

For more information on NTPC’s 2018 priorities and strategic plan, please contact NTPC President Michael Hackett at or Policy Workgroup Chair Ben Schmauss at