Local Smoke-Free Initiatives

When it comes to secondhand smoke, the U.S. Surgeon General warns there is no risk-free level of exposure. Even brief exposure to secondhand smoke can be dangerous to adults and children.

Residents and visitors to Nevada benefit from the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act (NCIAA) that prohibits smoking in many workplaces and indoor public places. But not everyone is protected. The exemptions in the current state law leave thousands of employees and patrons in nightclubs, casinos, and some bars still breathing the cancer-causing chemicals in secondhand smoke. There is no ventilation system that can remove these harmful chemicals from the air.

The passage of the NCIAA did more than increase the number of places that are smoke-free. It also removed preemption from the state law. Cities, counties and town governments can now pass local laws about smoking that are stronger than the state law. As a result, multiple cities in Nevada are actively working to strengthen the state law by expanding protections to all workers in their own jurisdictions.

Read more about the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act.

Please contact Barbie Csore for information on becoming involved in any of these coalitions or efforts to make other local jurisdictions in Nevada smoke-free.

Healthy Living Douglas County and Smoke Free Clean Clear Tahoe

Through its ANCHOR program, the American Heart Association is building community alliances through the Healthy Living Douglas County and the Smoke Free Clean Clear Tahoe campaigns to help protect Douglas County residents and visitors from environmental tobacco smoke. Healthy Living Douglas County is focusing on achieving a tobacco-free campus at Western Nevada College and increasing the number of smoke free parks and trails in Douglas County. Smoke Free Clean Clear Tahoe is working to secure smoke free beaches at Lake Tahoe, working to protect forests from fire, and helping keep the trails, parks, and beaches free from cigarette butt litter.

Healthy Living Incline Village

Building off of previous work by the American Heart Association and other community partners, the Nevada Tobacco Prevention Coalition’s Northern Nevada Action Committee provides support to Incline Village community efforts to increase smoke-free indoor spaces and outdoor public places. These efforts have led to increased community awareness of the dangers of secondhand smoke exposure indoors and outdoors, and the Incline Village General Improvement District adopting a smoke-free policy for public beaches, trails, and parks. If you are interested in joining the Northern Nevada Action Committee and/ or being part of the efforts in Incline Village, email info@gethealthywashoe.com.