Other Smoke-Free Initiatives

In addition to the local community work in Truckee Meadows, Douglas County, Tahoe, and Incline Village, efforts are underway to limit secondhand smoke exposure in Nevada’s other indoor and outdoor locations as well.  Below are descriptions of just some of these efforts.

Smoke-Free Housing

In Nevada, because apartments and condominiums qualify as personal residences, they are exempt from any smoking restrictions under the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act.

Secondhand smoke seeping into apartments or condominiums from neighboring units is a common problem and a challenge because of shared ventilation between housing units and inadequate door and window insulation. Because people spend more time in their homes than in any other location, reducing exposure to tobacco smoke in multi-housing residences can significantly improve residents’ health.

In addition to the health benefits to employees and tenants, limiting smoking can also significantly decrease maintenance and turnover costs for landlords and property managers.

The Nevada Tobacco Prevention Coalition encourages apartment and condominium owners and managers to designate entire buildings as smoke-free and to make all common areas smoke-free.

To find smoke-free apartment housing options in Clark County, please visit the Southern Nevada Health District’s Smoke-Free Housing Directory.

To learn more about smoke-free housing, read the Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Tool Box developed by the Nevada Statewide Coalition Partnership.

Smoke-Free Meetings

At one time, options for hosting smoke-free meetings and events in Nevada were limited. Fortunately, those days are disappearing thanks to an increasing number of venues offering 100% smoke-free indoor air. The Southern Nevada Health District and its community partners have developed a Smoke-Free Meeting Directory. This directory serves as a one-stop shop for all information needed to book your next meeting or conference in a smoke-free location.

Access the southern Nevada Smoke-Free Meeting Directory and download the venue application to add your meeting venue to the directory.

Smoke-Free Schools and University Campuses

Under state law, smoking is prohibited within all K-12 school districts and college and university buildings, though each entity treats outdoor areas differently.

Currently, there are more than 1,300 colleges and universities around the country that have prohibited the use of tobacco on their campuses. The University of Nevada, Reno implemented a 100% tobacco-free campus policy beginning August 1, 2015. This tobacco-free campus policy restricts the use of all tobacco, including e-cigarettes, in all campus buildings and on all campus grounds, including on athletic fields and in stadiums.

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas is currently working on a smoke-free campus policy but so far they have banned the use of e-cigarettes throughout campus, both inside buildings and outdoors.

The College of Southern Nevada prohibits smoking in buildings and within 100 feet of all entrances, exits, and windows to buildings.

The Clark County School District added e-cigarettes to their existing tobacco-free campus policy, which prohibits smoking on any grounds used by the school district for any school-sanctioned events, including athletic fields. This ban extends to 357 campus buildings and athletic fields.

The Washoe County School District also expanded their tobacco policy to include e-cigarettes, which prohibits the use of all tobacco products and e-cigarettes at any time on District property, even during non-school hours.