Unfinished Business

Download PDF: Unfinished Business: Realizing the Promise of Tobacco Control in Nevada

Over the past two decades, Nevada has made considerable progress in reducing the toll of tobacco use and nicotine addiction. Much of this progress can be attributed to the implementation of evidence-based tobacco control measures, such as smoke-free workplace laws, increased tobacco taxes, hard-hitting public education campaigns, prevention services and programs that encourage and help tobacco users to quit. Despite these accomplishments, nearly one in five adult Nevadans still smoke, one in ten Nevadans are exposed to secondhand smoke in the workplace, and efforts to prevent youth tobacco initiation and use are compounded by the emergence of new tobacco products such as electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes.

This Nevada Tobacco Prevention Coalition (NTPC) Fact Sheet – Unfinished Business: Realizing the Promise of Tobacco Control in Nevada – highlights progress and achievements in tobacco control in Nevada over the past twenty years, as well as current challenges faced by local and state health authorities and agencies on the front lines of tobacco control in the Silver State. Finally, it takes stock of the unfinished business of tobacco control by providing information on the current public health and financial impact of tobacco use in Nevada. Unfinished Business underscores the need for increased investments in evidence-based tobacco control measures commensurate with the current public health toll of tobacco in Nevada.